Failure of Vaccination - Carl Spinzig (1881)

Failure of Vaccination - Carl Spinzig (1881)

"Variegated infection is an illusion; vaccination is harmful to health and a danger to life and, as a protection against smallpox, a vanity". So wrote Dr. Carl Spinzig in a medical text in 1881 and when we began to deal with vaccination obligations, he took the desire to question everything, from the ground up. We started from Italy with Dr. Carlo Ruata, but we soon discovered that many doctors were criticizing his practice.

Below is an excerpt, from a doctor who lived in the times of smallpox ...

Ultimately, after the originally claimed protection, "the controlling influence of vaccination on smallpox is not, even statistically, sustained. Refuge is thus taken in another statement, that vaccination (revaccination and frequent repetitions or subsequent vaccination) exerts an attenuating influence on the intensity of smallpox, and therefore, it is claimed, the epidemics of smallpox, currently (. e., in the last decades) have been only slight and minor "

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