Health and Wellness

The food that can prevent and cure our diseases

The food that can prevent and cure our diseases
  • Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
  • Publication: 10 October 2017
  • Pages: 309
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866730408

A healthy and correct diet is, today as never before, the simplest and most important way to prevent the pathologies to which we are predisposed, improve those present in an advanced stage and heal many of them in the initial stage. Therefore, in many cases a personalized diet is comparable, in a certain sense, to a real medical treatment.

How then to choose the best diet for each of us? What parameters need to be considered?

I am convinced that there is no universal diet valid for everyone, but this too, like the "Medicine I would like", must be personalized on the basis of the physiological, pathological and constitutional conditions of the organism. Not only that, social, work, environmental and family reality also have an impact on our body and must be carefully considered and evaluated.

Another aspect that we absolutely must not overlook is the toxicological one: we often implement well-balanced diets from a nutritional point of view, but toxicologically harmful because they do not consider the environment of origin of fruit and vegetables, how and where the animals are raised, etc.

All these concepts are discussed in my book, which I have deliberately written in popular and accessible language so as to be easily understood by anyone, without however neglecting the scientific nature of the contents, supported by hundreds of bibliographic references. Enjoy the reading!


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