Vaccines and vaccinations

Adult and vaccinated or right to life?

Adult and vaccinated or right to life?
  • Publisher: Macro Editions
  • Pages: 200 p.

” Adult and Vaccinated ” or … Right to Life? – A Father Describes the Dramatic Story Her Family Experienced Caused by Mandatory Vaccines

It is a real life story, told by the protagonist of the story, who fought together with his family for twenty years for the "truth" to come to light on the direct responsibility of the Sabin anti-polio vaccination, the cause of the death of two of his children and of the disease of Albert.

Marco died at the age of six; Andrea, Alberto's monoovular twin, died at the age of four and the same fate had also been reserved for him. Alberto survived, suffering very serious injuries, but sufficiently "alive" to be "himself" a living witness to the truth about polio vaccination: a truth never accepted and denied a priori.
This book exposes the abuses and deceptions that the health system has carried out to silence this uncomfortable family: despite this, their desperate cry of pain has already reached many people, and today with this "book-document" they propose to put into beware how many still risk repeating what has already happened to them.

"It is not possible to remain indifferent to the holocaust suffered by our family, and by an immense unknown number of other families, thinking that they were only rare fatalities, because around the corner the same experience can affect each of you".

It is certainly not anarchy to refuse a risky medical act; the risk certainly exists and even a law of the Italian state admits it, number 210 of February 1992. How many times have laws been passed that turned out to be wrong? In certain countries of our planet there are laws that impose the death penalty, to safeguard the right to life there is debate (?) to abolish abortion, so I don't realize why I shouldn't be alongside those parents who they fight to safeguard the right to health of their children who, due to vaccinations, could become handicapped or even lose their lives. Perhaps, in these cases, they are thought to be children of a lesser God? Even the law imposing mandatory vaccination, issued many years ago, when infectious diseases were still endemic, may have become obsolete.
Today, certain diseases for which vaccinations are required have disappeared or are isolated in small outbreaks in countries where the population is kept in a social state of degradation, deprived of the most common and elementary rules of hygiene and, moreover, also lacking of nourishment, a useful and indispensable element to combat possible epidemics of infectious diseases. In Western countries like ours, fortunately, these situations no longer exist. The famous cholera and plague epidemics that occurred many years ago have never been repeated, certainly not because they were eradicated by vaccinations, since they hadn't been invented yet at the time, but nature itself has solved those problems. It could be objected that, today, in times of "globalization", the risk could exist for the possible return of certain infectious diseases. In my opinion it is only a new and further justification necessary for vaccine producers, since, through this absurd terrorism, instead of proposing hygiene and bringing suitable nourishment to the poor, they tend to keep them slaves of their economic power by exploiting "their ignorance".
The right to live:

“Life is the first and greatest gift we receive from the love of God and our parents. Every child is born to live. Each of them is a sign of the Creator's trust in humanity. Every man has an infinite value: created in the image and likeness of God, redeemed by the blood of Christ, destined for the happiness of paradise. Saving a life is the most meritorious act of Charity towards our fellow man."

With the permission of his son Luca, we make the PDF of the book available to you.


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