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Turtles all the way: Science and myths of vaccination

Turtles all the way: Science and myths of vaccination
  • Author: Anonymous collective
  • Publisher: Self-produced (Amazon)
  • Publication: 14 September 2023
  • Pages: over 400

We've been waiting for this book for a long time! The first copy was donated to us during the 2019 Tel Aviv conference in which we participated together with many international associations that fight for freedom of choice in the therapeutic field. However, it was impossible for us to read it, the first edition was only in Hebrew, but the echo it had in Israel made us understand the importance of this book.
A couple of years later it finally arrived in English and so we were able to confirm the high expectations we had. Today, finally, it has also arrived in Italian and as we do for every book worth reading, we will buy some copies to donate them to the libraries of our region so as to make it accessible to many.

Absolutely recommended!

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Previous copies of the book in Hebrew and English.

PS We know the aversion of many to making purchases on Amazon and we share this spirit. However, we are aware of the fact that the choice of the authors was dictated by necessity and having probably not found Italian publishers willing to publish it, they have adapted to self-publishing and Amazon is the undisputed leader in this field.

The first 85 pages of Turtles (until the end of chapter 1) can be downloaded for free here:


If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the fierce debate around vaccination, and you are perhaps looking for information that will allow you to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are already a parent or about to become one, navigating the numerous points of view on vaccines can be a challenge. Yet you need an answer, a definitive answer, to the crucial question: Who is right in the great vaccine debate – the critics, who argue that vaccines often cause serious harm, or the health establishment, who tells us that vaccines are safe and effective and that the science of vaccines is a settled question?

Rest assured, you are in the right place. Turtles All the Way: The Science and Myths of Vaccination will answer the vaccine question for you, once and for all. When you finish reading this book, you will not only be able to see the answer clearly for yourself, but you will also have the scientific sources and specific citations at your disposal that prove it – over 1.200 references – from mainstream scientific articles and textbooks, from the official publications of the relevant government bodies, or from the documents of the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

The book brings together vast amounts of information (accompanied by detailed analysis) spread across hundreds of medical articles, books and websites. Everything is presented in clear, easy-to-understand language. It presents numerous original concepts as well as laying a strong scientific foundation for more established concepts.

Some of the fundamental issues regarding vaccine safety discussed in the book are:

  1. How is safety demonstrated before a new vaccine is authorized? What technique do vaccine manufacturers use in clinical trials to make vaccines appear safer than they really are?
  2. What “last minute” strategy is employed when the one just mentioned cannot be used, and what are its serious (and incriminating) ethical implications?
  3. What is the scientific basis of vaccine safety, and what practical tools does this area of ​​science provide doctors to predict, diagnose and treat vaccine damage?
  4. What are the fundamental flaws that are integral to vaccine adverse reaction reporting systems, and how are these systems used (or abused) by health authorities to support their safety claims?
  5. What kind of studies are done on vaccines after they are placed on the market, and how can they be manipulated by researchers to produce “favorable” results?
  6. Why would researchers want to distort vaccine research, and how is it possible for distorted results to be promulgated by the scientific community?

Furthermore, three founding elements of the vaccination tradition are analyzed in depth:

  1. What is herd immunity, and what relationship does it have (or does not have) with the vaccines present in the childhood vaccination plan?
  2. What has been the true role of vaccines in the historic decline of infectious diseases?
  3. Was the paralysis associated with polio really caused by the poliovirus?

The book is aimed at parents who feel overwhelmed by the conflicting messages on this important topic, but it is also an excellent source for researchers and medical professionals seeking to better understand the science of vaccine safety. Whether you are new to the vaccine debate, or a seasoned veteran seeking a greater understanding of the science behind it, this book is essential. It also serves as a great introduction to vaccination to share with friends and family who might benefit from a deep dive into this topic.

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