Usa-Pfizer / Biontech agreement, two billion per cent million doses of anti-Covid vaccine

Usa-Pfizer / Biontech agreement, two billion per cent million doses of anti-Covid vaccine

The first supply includes at least 100 million doses with the possibility, if the trials are successful, of reaching 500 million

From what is learned from the AboutPharma website, after the agreement of the United Kingdom, the USA-Pfizer / Biontech agreement also arrives a few days later. Cost of the operation about two billion dollars per 100 million doses. The White House, following the example of London, takes another contract home by signing it with the German and American companies.

The first supply of the German Biontech will arrive in 2021 with 300 million doses, but already a first supply will cover the needs for 100 million. However, the doses provided are highly likely to reach 500 million. Pfizer makes it known that to speed up the time, both the clinical step and the development of mass production (with all the risks involved in terms of safety, efficacy) were initiated, on which the regulatory agencies have obviously not yet expressed their opinion.

The agreement between the parties and the acceleration by Pfizer are the result of the immediate need to have results that can be spent immediately or in any case within a few months also given that the competition is ruthless especially after the news of the good results of the research put in place from Astrazeneca / Oxford / Irbm. Still in the forecasts and expectations by the end of the year, the two companies would like to produce at least 100 million total doses globally and then reach 1,3 billion by the end of next year.

Article by Aboutpharma Online editorial staff of 22 July 2020


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