Dr. Di bella: "Shiva and Tarro say the right, the rest of them pontificate: be wary!"

The interview with Shiva Ayyadurai aired on the American channel 'The Next News Network' has seen a great diffusion especially on social media and if verified it could represent the keystone of what is happening regarding the pandemic in progress. It is precisely on that conditional that everything is played, on that "could" often fiery debates are created in which one does not fail to take sides.

Dr. Giuseppe interviewed to our microphones Di Bella as a privileged witness to the dialectical debate in the medical field, it provided an important reading key. In fact, Di Bella reviews many situations common to him (such as his father, Professor Luigi Di Bella) in the storm that has arisen around the complaint of Dr. Shiva, but beyond personal history, he recommends everyone to rely on the scientific method of irrefutability and preparation of the people under discussion, including Professor Giulio Jar spoke to our microphones on numerous occasions.

A piece of advice to carefully weigh that of Dr. Di Bella for the time we are living in, where confusion reigns over what can be defined scientific or not. Here is the interview granted to the director Ilario Di Giovambattista and Stefano Raucci.


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