Paolo Liguori: Chinese syndrome, the virus originates in a Wuhan military laboratory

An alarming news is reported in a national news network: the virus that is causing the current deaths in China may have escaped from a military laboratory located in Wuhan. It is not the only source, both in the USA and in Russia the same news begins to predominate.

The Wuhan laboratory had already been mentioned in 2017 (1) in prestigious scientific journals and had raised the concern of many scientists about the safety issue. In that laboratory we played with genetic editing of very dangerous viruses, such as Sars.

Now, however, we are reminded that in the same period the prestigious World Health Organization had prophesied the advent of a "Disease X", a completely theoretical pandemic disease but one of the diseases that would have threatened humanity. Was this theoretical X pandemic the result of mere speculation? Is the fact that the release of a modified pathogen (they specified genetic editing) among the triggers was completely random with what is happening now in China?

The questions remain unanswered for now, of course there is only a huge round of money, a speculation on health enhanced by a media-induced psychosis but we want to emphasize one point: if the news were to be confirmed, with all the "SEs" derived from a state, the Chinese one, which would do everything to avoid confirmation, we would face a paradox, who should defend us from pandemics or invent them (3) or cause them ...

PS As always, the Italian government is very quick to shed light on what is happening, it is never that someone thinks that the delicate relations between Italy and China for the 5G technology issue, can somehow make us too soft in the real assessment of the situation ... in the end we have #TheExperts ...


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