Regarding complaints and appeals

Regarding complaints and appeals

We point out some of our points of view, as opposed to the "craving for denunciation" that is affecting many.

1- On the advice on the procedures to be followed in order to enter the classroom at all costs: we read and listen that parents are advised to go to school with the children demanding that the child enter the classroom. We recommend various procedures, from registration, to going to the barracks and filing a complaint for private violence or for abuse of office or for other things.
Warning: making a complaint is an action that can have important legal and economic consequences, it is not something that is done without weighing the pros and cons.
The complainant may also in turn report you for slander.
Is this explained?
Are you given an idea of ​​the costs and consequences that you might be forced to bear?

2- On appeals: the appeal to the TAR has an average cost that is around € 800 for the practice, plus legal fees. An appeal to the justice of the peace may even be obliged, in the event of rejection, to pay the legal fees of the counterparty.
Did we know anything about the 3 families recommended by some lawyers for an appeal to the justice of the peace and sentenced to reimburse around € 10.000 per head of legal fees?
Who makes it easy, then also informs you about possible negative implications?
Another consideration: this year make appeals during the year, with a suspension measure in progress and therefore having to solve the "frequency problem" in any case, knowing that the law 119 against which an appeal is made foresees from 2019 the access requirement for registration, how much sense does it make?

3- On the emotional and psychological aspect of the children: they are advising to do a whole series of acts and counteracts perhaps forgetting that at that moment the parent has his child with him. Would you like to leave him in a place where they don't want to let him in? Would you like him to attend discussions and maybe altercations that have his stay in the school as an object ???
Sometimes we wonder what happened to the simple "common sense".

We have seen in recent days even a warning from the local police, intended for parents, in Trentino, to leave the child at school despite a suspension measure, configuring the crime of abandoning a child.
Is this really the level we want to achieve?

We, as people, as parents, and ultimately as an association, consider a profound reflection on what we want to offer our children and what the real priorities to be more profitable.
Instead of persisting in making our child accepted in an environment where they consider him "non-compliant", in a discriminatory environment, among people who are already marginalizing him, perhaps it would be appropriate to devote all these energies to create or contribute to a different path; without focusing on the conflict but trying to make the world of our children a little better than what we are experiencing today.

We will forgive those who believe that this is equivalent to giving up, for us it is not so.
This association undertakes and continues to invest to bring the vaccine question back to a scientific one, to find scientific evidence that vaccines are not so safe and effective, to expose this dictatorial drift that is only at the beginning.
We are not convinced that the fight in front of the school gate that does not want our son to be the best way forward.

Nassim Langrudi


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