Gardasil, Japan suspends its recommendation

Gardasil, Japan suspends its recommendation

About 2.000 side effects reported after using the Gardasil vaccine prompted Japanese government officials to withdraw Gardasil from the market in 2013, despite the fact that the vaccine was heavily promoted in the United States and now approved by the European Union.

"Japanese health officials have recorded nearly 2.000 adverse reactions - hundreds serious," said the Judicial Guard, the Washington-based corruption watch that is monitoring the effects - and health costs.

"Alarming reports have led the Japanese government to take action, suspending the vaccine recommendation ..."

"The United States government has taken the opposite approach among equally alarming cases of serious side effects. Not only does the Obama administration continue to recommend the vaccine (Gardasil), it spends large sums of taxpayer dollars promoting it and works hard to keep the details of its dangers secret. "
Side effects of using Gardasil include epileptic seizures, brain damage, blindness, paralysis, tongue problems, pancreatitis and short-term memory loss while other patients have died after taking the vaccine. Gardasil is given to girls and costs around $ 600 per patient.
The organization confirmed that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Wellness in Japan warned local governments that the HPV vaccine should not be recommended as a safety concern.
Japan officials paid more than $ 187 million for "urgent HPV vaccination programs" for girls between 11 and 14 and visited high schools to promote the vaccine.
"Since the government started offering HPV girls shots, 1.968 adverse events have been reported, of which 358 have been rated serious by a JMLHW committee. Parents have started calling the country's health minister and providing videos. in which the girls who received the HPV vaccine suffered walking disorders, tricycles and seizures. In other cases many girls injected with the vaccine fell to the ground, injuring their heads or faces and some fractures of their jaw or teeth. "Judicial Watch reported.
Claims for damages of nearly $ 6 million only affected some of the 200 claims that have been filed to date.

Source: The Tokyo Times
Source: Judicial Watch


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