Robert Kennedy Jr. exposes the relationship between Bill Gates and Big Pharma

Robert Kennedy Jr. exposes the relationship between Bill Gates and Big Pharma

When Bill talks about vaccinations, he can't help talking about "miracle" you hate "magic". And he has always done so over the past few years in his speeches for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (200920102011201220142016 and 2017), often and willingly to reiterate the financial and ideological closeness to the global vaccination program. Like Gates reminds us "In the same way that when I was at Microsoft I talked about the magic of software, now I spend my time talking about the magic of vaccinations"

His words clearly show us that he is identifying with his own "magical thinking" modus, which sociologists define as "illogical causal reasoning. ”Otherwise how else to explain his simplistic endorsement on vaccines, magical with absurd benefits and no risk? On everything the Gates Foundation goes on to say, there never seems to be room to talk about vaccine-damaged people, despite evidence on evidence that basically underlines how vaccination is a sort of Russian roulette.

Let's go into more detail

In a 2014 post on his blog on vaccination miracles, Gates expressed enthusiasm for "encouraging" vaccine data, and progress "fantastic and phenomenal " made to increase the vaccination coverage. There is only one small problem: il philanthropist beautifully ignores historical tables on vaccinations and diseases.

US data, and not only, for example talking about the scarlet fever, indicate how this disease is practically disappeared without vaccinations. The mortality from diseases such as measles or whooping cough dropped dramatically well before the introduction of vaccinations. A review report on mortality data 1900–1973 concludes:

"Medical treatments [such as vaccines] have contributed little to the general decline in mortality in the United States since 1900 - having been introduced in many cases after the decline already underway "

Same researchers, in another article, they reprimanded the medical class for overconfidence in the "magic bullets" - we still find the word magic here. Instead, rather than talking about magic, it would be much easier to attribute this phenomenon to short and long term public health measures: drinking water, cleaning, better nutrition. One studio Italian taste on the mortality trend in 1900, he found one significant association between increased calorie intake through food and the collapse of mortality, reflecting " an improvement in nutritional status, quality of life, socio-economic level and health conditions ". Furthermore, mortality declined most in the younger age groups, those "Probably the most sensitive to changes in nutrition and well-being". Even the epidemiologists the early twentieth century who were inclined to give credit to vaccines recognized that other factors were at stake, including changes in "human resistance and the quality of bacteria", as well as factors yet to be determined.

Figura 1 . Tassi di mortalità negli Stati Uniti, 1900-1963

O miracle, where are you?

Even if you leave the statistics of the twentieth century behind, there is one glaring evidence that belies Bill Gates' untruthful claims on Miracles vaccines: vaccines are not actually working or keeping children healthy. Instead, in the United States (where children are the most vaccinated in the world), over half of young people have a chronic disease, a trend that coincides with the expansion of the national vaccination program. Similar patterns of chronic disease are emerging worldwide, even for potentially lethal conditions such as allergies food andasthma.

La Campaign to restore health to children of the World Mercury Project is documenting a series of post-vaccination side effects, which cover a lot of very rare disorders a long time ago:

  • 13% of American children have a support teacher.
  • One in six American children (6 in 1) suffers from disorders development like ASD.
  • Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects approximately 11% of American children.
  • One in 20 children under 5 suffers from epilepsy.
  • Peanut allergy, the most common food-related cause of death.
  • Women who receive flu shots or DTP during pregnancy are at great risk of abortion and other problems.
  • Diseases like the PANDAS may affect 1 in 200 children in the U.S.
  • Sensory disorders (SPD) accompany diagnosis of ADHD and ASD
  • In the United States, infant mortality, even considering the sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS), it is double compared to many other industrialized countries. An African study conducted in Guinea-Bissau found that the mortality was double in children who had received polio vaccination and DTP compared to those who had not done it!

Whose Bono?

A recent relationship German on global philanthropy notes that the modern philanthropy has its roots, first and foremost, in the desire of entrepreneurs to protect tax revenues, while "it gathers prestige and influence in the United States and in world affairs". The authors of the report note that large foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exercise ainfluence not only through their "enormous resources", but also by "shaping development concepts and policies". There Gates Foundation - established in 2000 with an initial endowment of 42,9 billion dollars and expanded by another 30 billion dollars from Warren Buffet in 2006 - has become the world's leading global healthcare provider, as well as the largest non-state funder of the World Health Organization (WHO). As a result of the "enormous definition power of the Gates Foundation programs", the global health community has designated the 2010-2020 as the Decade of vaccines, developed a Global Vaccine Action Plan and created the Global Public-Private Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI Alliance), which receives almost a quarter of its funding from the Gates Foundation.

While Gates continues to to tell that vaccines are a fantastic investment, theindustry of the vaccines, in fact, is one of the main beneficiaries of the generosity of the Gates Foundation. According to German analysts, for example, the support of the Gates Foundation to the GAVI Alliance has incentivized producers to increase production specific vaccines. These incentives led to payments of over $ 1 billion a Pfizer e GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Some reporter they described this agreement as "An advantage for pharmaceutical companies seeking to expand into lower-income, faster-growing countries". However, as the German report notes, the non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has questioned the overall impact of the GAVI alliance on vaccine accessibility, stating that "the cost of fully immunizing a child in 2014 is been 68 times more expensive than in 2001 ”.

German analysts and others have outlined the key characteristics of the close collaboration of the Gates Foundation with the pharmaceutical industry, including the "revolving door" between Foundation staff and pharmaceutical companies such as Merck e GSK; the preponderant focus of the older ones global awards for the health of the Foundation (20/50 or 40%) on the research and development of new vaccines and drugs; and the participation of the Foundation in CureVac (a German pharmaceutical company) to accelerate the development of mRna vaccines. The Gates Foundation has also increased its direct support to the biotechnology industry, which is of considerable importance to the vaccine industry due to the rapid increase in the use of biotechnology in modern vaccine production. Recent articles they also stressed that the Gates Foundation regularly pays public relations firms to manipulate scientific decisions in favor of the risky genetic engineering technologies that the Foundation supports.

What these observations make clear is that the "Philanthropy of the vaccine" by Bill Gates truly represents a "miracle", but i beneficiaries of the miracle are the companies and shareholders who laugh until the bank, and certainly not children and adults around the world who suffer from the weight of unsafe vaccines. Doctor Arata Kochi, former director of WHO malaria research, chose to name things by their name in 2008 when he described the Gates Foundation as a cartel that suppresses the diversity of scientific opinions and "is not responsible to anyone other than himself".



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