Conflict of interest

Do the guidelines comply with quality and transparency standards?

Do the guidelines comply with quality and transparency standards?

Akilah A. Jefferson, Steven D. Pearson
Journal of the American Medical Association

Conclusions and relevance: Neither the cholesterol guideline nor the hepatitis C virus guideline fully met the IOM standards for commercial COI management, and the discrepancy between the disclosure of the committee guidelines and those in contemporary articles was common. Adherence to additional IOM standards for guideline development and evidence review was mixed. Adopting coherent COI structures between specialized companies can help ensure that clinical guidelines are developed transparently and reliably.


Cholesterol Management Guidelines - American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association

  • 16 members of the panel, 7 (45%) declare commercial conflicts of interest (all industrial study funding, 6 also consultancy).
  • Three chaire co-chairs: 1declares commercial conflicts of interest.

Hepatitis C virus management guidelines - American Association for the Study of Liver Diseasesand Infectious Diseases Society of America

  • 29 members, 21 (70%) report commercial conflicts of interest (most industrial studies funding, but also payments for presence in committees, consultancy ...)
  • 6 co-chairs, 4 (67%) declare commercial conflicts (+ one, undeclared).



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