By Lorenzo

The Pills of De Lorenzo # 2: all his own flour?

The Pills of De Lorenzo # 2: all his own flour?

In this extract from the hearing of the "De Lorenzo Process", held in Naples on February 17, 1997, you will hear the PM make an indictment on the facts concerning the approval of the law on the mandatory nature of the anti-Hepatitis B vaccine. It is important to understand how it is reductive to blame only De Lorenzo, forgetting the moral and ethical quality of the politicians of the time, defined by the PM himself as “in the pay of the pharmaceutical company”.

We need to make a parenthesis on the names mentioned, because if you do not know the trial papers they will not have the right weight.

  • Dompé (Sergio) was the founder of the Italian biopharmaceutical company of the same name as well as president of Farmindustria.
  • Pancera, vice president of Farmindustria.
  • Cavazza, founder and president of the pharmaceutical company Sigma Tau
  • Zambeletti, of Zambeletti SPA, was the owner of the Italian pharmaceutical company merged into the SmithKline Beecham group, which over time merged into GlaxoSmithKline SpA


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