Privacy Guarantor: schools can send data to the ASL

Privacy Guarantor: schools can send data to the ASL

In fact, the law provides that parents present documentation of vaccination or missing vaccinations have been made and that schools report non-compliant children to the ASL for a convocation.

Some Regions such as Emilia-Romagna, Sicily, Piedmont and others, had developed a different procedure which provided for the communication of the students enrolled in the ASL who would carry out the checks and then communicate the defaulters to the schools.

The Privacy Guarantor, questioned by Tuscany, said yes to the schools that will be able to send the lists of those enrolled in the ASL to check if the children are vaccinated. And even the ASL of their own initiative can send families documents that certify that children are vaccinated and therefore they can enroll in compulsory schools or nursery schools. But it is absolutely forbidden for the ASL to send the list with vaccinated and unvaccinated children directly to schools, so that schools take the measures within their competence.

“The decision made by the Privacy Guarantor to allow schools and educational services for children to send the list of registered asl, is ineffective for that simplification that would have eased the tasks of schools and families. In fact, the authorization to reverse flow is missing, ie the sending by the local health authorities to the schools of the names of the defaulting subjects ". The councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Giulio Gallera said this while commenting on the decision of the Privacy Guarantor to authorize the sending of the list of members to the Asl.

"The only way - to underline the councilor - to prevent families from presenting the vaccination certificate, self-certification or booking request and from schools collecting and forwarding the documentation to the Ats for verification, would have been to anticipate already from this school year that mutual exchange of data required by law starting from 2019/2020 ". Gallera recalled that the Lombardy Region made this request to the Guarantor. “We hope it will be welcomed, to really meet the needs of families and restore some order to a chaotic situation, which is objectively.

Download: Measure of 1 September 2017

Source: Horizon School


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