Law 5 March 1963, n. 292 - Mandatory tetanus vaccination

Law 5 March 1963, n. 292 - Mandatory tetanus vaccination

Art 1

Tetanus vaccination is mandatory:

  1. for the following categories of workers of both sexes most exposed to the risks of tetanus infection: agricultural workers, shepherds, cattle breeders, grooms, jockeys, tanners, overseers and workers in charge of arranging and preparing tracks in racecourses, street cleaners, roadmen road workers, excavators, miners, kilnsmen, construction workers and unskilled workers, railway workers and unskilled workers, asphalt pavers, ragmen and women, garbage handlers, paper and cardboard manufacturing workers, woodworkers, metallurgists and metalworkers.
    For these workers, vaccination is made mandatory starting from the new job levers;
  2. for athletes upon affiliation to the CONI federations;
  3. for newborns, who must be vaccinated with three administrations of adsorbed tetanus anatoxin, associated with diphtheria anatoxin, the first of which in the third month of life, the second 6-8 weeks after the previous one, the third in the tenth-eleventh month of life.
    The Minister for Health is authorized to extend, with his own decree, the obligation of tetanus vaccination to other categories of workers, having consulted the Higher Health Council.

Article 1-bis

In children, each dose is performed concomitantly with the administration of diphtheria vaccine and oral polio vaccine.

Art 2

The tetanus vaccination is extended, upon request, to pregnant mothers from the 5th to the 8th month.

Art 3

In subjects belonging to the categories referred to in letters a) and b) of art. 1 of this law, the anti-tetanus vaccination or revaccination is carried out under the responsibility and at the expense of the entities required by law to provide health services.
For the vaccination and revaccination of the subjects referred to in letter b) of the art. 1, pursuant to art. 4 of Presidential Decree 7 September 1965, n. 1301.
In the children referred to in letter c) of the art. 1 of this law, the mixed tetanus-diphtheria vaccination is performed free of charge. The vaccinations and revaccinations of children are carried out by the municipalities with the already existing services for other vaccinations. The supply of vaccine to municipalities is regulated by the provisions of art. 2 of Law 2 June 1939, n. 891.

Article 3-bis

The documents required for admission to primary and secondary schools include certificates of having undergone the mixed tetanus-diphtheria vaccination and, where appropriate, the booster injections. Certified analogues are required for admission to other children's and youth institutions of any kind.

Art 4

With a regulation to be issued within 6 months of the publication of this law by the Ministry of Health, the methods for carrying out the vaccination or revaccination will be established.



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