IMPORTANT NOTE: This information provides a snapshot of the European situation in September 2023. Please note that for more specific and up-to-date information on a single country, it is advisable to contact the local organisations.

Vaccination policies

The current immunization policy in Finland does not include any compulsory vaccination but parents are under a lot of pressure to complete the vaccination programme. In child care centers they are sometimes called irresponsible when they choose not to vaccinate their children.


In Finland, unvaccinated children can attend any kindergarten of any level.


The new law on compulsory education (1214/2020) raised the education age from 17 to 18. Education begins at the age of seven, which has not changed. The provisions on compulsory education were transferred from the Basic Education Law (628/1998) to the Compulsory Education Law (214/2020). There are currently two different definitions of basic education: grades 1 to 9 in the Basic Education Law and grades 1 to 12 in the Compulsory Education Law and the Constitution.

The current law on basic education 628/1998 is moderate regarding home education. Section 26, subsection 3, provides that the local authority where the pupil lives must supervise her progress. This is in line with the superior status of the Constitution. Parents have the right to organize their education and the Municipality does not have the mandate to impose supervision; the procedure must be agreed on equal terms.

The New Constitution 731/1999, which came into force on 1 March 2000, no longer explicitly mentions home education. However, the Travaux Préparatoires say this does not demonstrate an intention to change the position of homeschooling. According to the Constitution, Section 16, Subsection 1, “Everyone has the right to free basic education.” The provisions on compulsory education, which includes home education, are set out in the Basic Education Law, section 26, subsection 1, which says that "A child of compulsory education age must ... otherwise obtain the corresponding knowledge to the basic education program".

The Compulsory Education Law states that it is the guardian's responsibility to ensure completion of compulsory education. Homeschooling is explicitly legal from K to 12. The Basic Education Law provides that if a child of compulsory education age does not participate in education under the Basic Education Law, the local authority of the pupil's place of residence must supervise her progress. The National Board of Education has provided non-binding guidelines (hereinafter 2010 NBE Guidelines, updated 2021).

For more information visit the websiteHSLDA.

Vaccination schedule

For more information visit the websiteEcdc.

Recognition and compensation for vaccine injuries

Adverse events to vaccines can be reported to Terveyden en hyvinvoinnin laitos.

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Obligations in Europe

Obligations in Europe
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