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Corvelva Incontra - Around the world after Covid-19(84) - Episode #1

Corvelva Incontra - Around the world after Covid-19(84) - Episode #1

Good morning everyone, two years after the last round-the-world trip, we have decided to start having a chat with Italian citizens living abroad again to try to understand what the air is like after Covid19, always in a very colloquial way, trying however to understand with you, the level of terror that ordinary people have, for example in the use of masks, the vaccination recalls in progress and the complex issue of the school sector. We would also like to know if there are any vaccination obligations left, if there is a discussion about adverse reactions, if there is still hatred towards those who call NoVax and, above all, if there is an awareness of the mistakes made. We will also keep an eye on any discussions on the new WHO pandemic agreement.

For the first episode we will hear from Italians living in the Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, France and Serbia

The live broadcast of Sunday 2 July, at 21.00, will be visible on all our social networks and on our website


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