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CORVELVA MEETS STEO INSIGHTS - Sunday 14 November, 18.30 pm

CORVELVA MEETS STEO INSIGHTS - Sunday 14 November, 18.30 pm

We have always tried to analyze the Italian situation with an eye abroad and this has led us to weave relationships with numerous realities around the world. With the advent of Covid19 we have not stopped trying to observe the problems by looking at them in their international complexity and for this reason we have decided to ask for help from a very interesting character.

Steo Insights travels all over the world for work, lives in Dubai and has a very critical view on the Green Pass which he expresses in his YouTube channel. Precisely from his video analyzes on the Covid19 situation we have perhaps stolen the best possible definition of what the Green Pass is: "it is a tool of social control dictated by political reasons".

Together with Steo we will make a direct, open to both Corvelva Members and members of the facebook group "Corvelva - No Obbligo Vaccinale", analyzing how the various nations have dealt with Covid19, with direct examples, experienced firsthand and always with a critical eye on health policies. Obviously you can comment and interact by asking your questions.

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