Anxiety from sanctions DL 1/2022

Anxiety from sanctions DL 1/2022

We note a lot of anxiety about the sanctions regulated by the Decree Law of 7 January 2022, n. 1. Here we try to list the regulatory schedule linked to the sanctioning regime, postponing to a later stage the proposed protection procedure that we will provide to everyone.

How much is the fine?

The administrative fine is 100 euros and no, they do not foreclose your house for 100 euros. It is true that it is an enforceable title issued by the revenue agency, but they do not go to foreclose anything for such a sum.

Who will be sanctioned?

The administrative sanction will be imposed on those who are fifty years old for the sole fact of being fifty and who, regardless of age, was previously obliged by articles 4, 4-bis and 4 ter of the Decree-Law of 1 April 2021, no. . 44 (practitioners of the health professions, workers employed in residential, social-welfare and socio-health structures, school personnel, the defense, security and public rescue sector, the local police, magistrates etc etc).

Why will you be sanctioned?

The administrative sanction is imposed because:

  1. the primary vaccination cycle is not started by 1 February 2022;
  2. the primary vaccination course is not completed by 1 February 2022;
  3. you do not get the booster, if you have to, by 1 February 2022.

Should the fine be paid or not?

This question has been recurring since 2017: the use of the sanction is not something ethical or moral and also the eventual payment is not something that creates legal discipline or custom. Everyone will have to study the law a little, we will provide you with the tools to do so, THEN will evaluate whether or not to resort based on their own process and availability. Recall that 10.000 appeals made to crash into walls help less than 100 appeals well done and with the opposition process followed properly.
For now, this is enough to understand who, how much and why you are sanctioned and we postpone the chaotic part on the procedure with which the sanction will be imposed to a specific process. Just think of the folly of making the health card system capable of processing health data as if it were a natural person or organization, or of the fact that the ASL will have to carry out its entire process, for each defaulting citizen, in TEN days. The aspect of the exceptions to the laws on administrative sanctions is also to be taken into consideration because it changes the cards in the tables on defense, slightly but changes it.
In short, friends, the law, like all the latest laws, is written with the feet and creates an absurd chaos more for them than for us and there is plenty of time to make your own assessments and actions. The real problem of this DL is the super green pass for the fifty-year-olds who work and not an administrative fine of 100 euros imposed with a cumbersome and chaotic process. We will also talk about this shortly.

Link to the Decree Law 7 January 2022, n. 1


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