For 3 years, various characters have been trying to drag us into internal wars made up of controversies and bickering on social media, so we believe we can take the opportunity to list the few basic rules of this Association in managing general relationships in most "internal" problems:

  1. We don't care about anything other than freedom of choice. We don't say that because we're sophisticated and we don't want to argue, we just don't care and most people don't care. We are an active minority, capable of breaking the boxes to the system, we have no time, desire, need or interest in wasting time on "social" things.
    Don't you like the way we stand? Would you like to see us bickering with social accounts like high school kids? We do not believe, but even if it were we will make a reason.

  2. We are non-partisan. We always have been and will continue to be. Who you give your vote preference shouldn't matter to us.
    Obviously we can "talk about" politics, since politics is also done by talking about any issue, but we do not allow, on our channels, to promote anything that is electoral and this for a reason that is quite simple for us: we are not interested in divisions . If you vote right, left, Lega, M5S, Vox, SiAmo or others we don't care. Information on the subject of freedom of therapeutic choice abound, we try to divulge it in the best possible way and paying attention to the quality of the sources, everyone will draw their own conclusions.
    We don't care if you are pro or against the euro, we don't care about your position on immigration, foreign policy, taxation or economic practices. We are not interested in your position on gay unions, we are even less interested in knowing if you are Catholic or Muslim and we are really not interested in knowing what you eat, if you are vegan or fruitarian. In our trench for freedom there is no talk of anything other than focusing on freedom of choice in the therapeutic field, also because, if we did, it would inevitably divide the front further.
    If you don't like this, you can leave our groups, because being non-partisan for us is a non-negotiable requirement as much as not taking sides, as an Association, on issues other than freedom of choice in the vaccination and therapeutic fields.

  3. We do not answer any accusations. Except in sporadic cases, we have never answered anyone, not even the most infamous accusations, and this also by virtue of point 1.
    To date we have been asked to respond to various characters, boasting our alleged statements, ideas, drawings, audio, messages, but we ask you one thing, who is indignant does it by hearsay? Why, when we plead the cause of freedom of choice, we do so by citing sources, just as it is legitimate to expect the same when rumors about others are spread?

    Classic example and they are only the latest in order of date, we do not quote literally but to make people understand the level: "Corvelva having its headquarters in Verona has boycotted a party's candidacy." Well, Corvelva has been based in Vicenza, Grumolo delle Abbadesse for 2 years, and before that for 20 years it had it in the Padua area. Consistency of these accusations then? The Veronese is a difficult and anomalous land compared to the rest of Veneto and, if you do not know the territory, it is difficult to understand the situation. Canale Verde headquarters, with vaccination coverage among the highest in Veneto, 99% hexavalent, former GSK headquarters with a lifetime and a consolidated history of experimentation with all possible drugs and vaccines. The Veronese is also the area where parochialism perhaps finds its maximum expression but also wonderful variety, and this in a very large area, second only to the Belluno area, with an apparently high but concentrated population density and with a vast and beautiful province, historically difficult. to be consolidated. The territory must be known.

    Another example, also in chronological order: "Corvelva told his shareholders to vote for PD." We just ask you two questions: you are over 15.000 in the facebook group, about 2000 members today and a newsletter of 45.000, leaving aside the obvious bullshit of the PD, have any of you ever received any indication of vote in so many years? You give the answer to yourself without having to listen to the inferences of Tizio Caio or Sempronio.

We will never go back to the subject because we don't care and we don't need it, we gladly let others devote themselves to this game, one thing we tend to ask people who ask questions about this or that diatribe: but have you ever wondered who benefits? Who does it bring a benefit to?

Corvelva Staff


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