Corvelva thanks the Ligue Nationale Pour la Liberté des Vaccinations

Corvelva thanks the Ligue Nationale Pour la Liberté des Vaccinations

The Corvelva board sincerely thanks the French friends of the Ligue Nationale Pour la Libertà © des Vaccinations and its President Jean-Pierre Eudier for the support repeatedly expressed and for wanting to concretize their support for our project of vaccine analyzes with a donation.

Many of the members LNPLV they have been in close contact with us for a long time now, with concrete logistical and planning aids and always showing interest in the results obtained to date.

After evaluating the status of the works (of which we will publish a definitive summary in the next few days), we decided to allocate this figure to the in-depth study - for now - of one of the most worrying aspects that emerged from the latest analyzes: the question of prions in vaccines (being a technical question, we ask the explanations for further information to be published).

We will also try to demonstrate in a certain way the presence of another illegal molecule which, if confirmed, would lead us to file a second complaint-report directly to the Nas.

Once again, the close alliances with foreign countries in this period prove fruitful, not so much and not only for the economic support, but for the moral and symbolic one and this makes us proud to have known different realities from the Italian ones.

Clearly, the results of the analyzes will be made available to everyone, and French friends may decide to use the resulting documentation to proceed in turn to the control bodies.

Thanks to "LNPLV"and to all those in Italy and abroad who have supported us and continue to do so.

Corvelva Staff

Download: CORVELVA-thank-you-LNPLV.pdf
Download: CORVELVA-remercie-LNPLV.pdf


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