DejaVu - Let's take action against the health passport

DejaVu - Let's take action against the health passport


We know very well, in the last period you have been asked to sign petitions for anything, but this is not just a petition, it starts as such but develops as a European project of active and legal law enforcement.

In view of the current Covid-19 vaccination campaign, we would like to point out the petition "", which aims to obtain total transparency on the side effects of vaccines as well as purchase contracts, and much more.

We have dealt directly, with several meetings, to verify the seriousness of the promoters and the petition is physically built on a specially created independent portal. In addition, as we said, this project is not a simple petition but will allow the signatories who want to contribute minimally to the costs (of a few euros and covered by us as far as we can), to get to the Court of Justice of the European Union, to ask for transparency. , but also, if the mobilization has an important follow-up in Italy, to appeal to the Italian courts against the “green pass” and the Covid-19 vaccination obligation which is becoming more and more likely.

As you know Corvelva is indeed a regional association but we have always spent a part of our energy to weave relationships with the main world associations and realities that fight for freedom of choice. This battle is not fought in Italy or France or in the United States of America, this battle must be fought at the international level with joint actions aimed at hitting those decision-making and supranational bodies that are the true architects of the decisions of the individual states. That's why we warmly invite you to sign the petition, which costs absolutely nothing but can help you achieve the above objectives.

Click here to sign the petition

WE, aware and informed citizens - having already witnessed several scandals caused by Big Pharma - intend to recall some simple and indisputable principles, aimed at promote the interest of all in the face of Covid-19.

The urgency of the fight against the coronavirus does not justify all the exceptions. The need to restart the economy must not expose the population to indeterminate side effects or uncertain benefits, which can only be verified through the transparency of the data.

The temptation of the authorities to create a vaccination obligation, including through a vaccination passport, should not prevail over public freedoms. Confidentiality - presumably commercial - and the opacity of decisions made by distant authorities are a source of legitimate questions and necessary controls.

Faced with an uncertain risk-benefit ratio, vaccine manufacturers cannot be offered absolute impunity. Transparency requires direct access to data to verify the validity of decisions made. We strongly urge the European authorities to provide explanations

It is necessary to give citizens and MEPs access to:

  • To the entire marketing authorization correspondence (conditional) of vaccines, filed in particular with the European Medicines Agency (EMA);
  • To contracts for the purchase of vaccines between the European Commission and the main vaccine manufacturers;
  • To the privileges granted to producers which allow their responsibility to be passed on to the community in the event of defective products.

We are not guinea pigs. With our families, we are the first to be involved. We demand that all these elements are made public. In the absence of transparency from the European Commission, we reserve the right to take collective legal action in order to obtain the requested information.

As signatory citizens of this petition, we also reserve the right to take collective legal action in order to be protected against mandatory vaccination e in particular against the institution of a "health passport" which would condition the exercise of our fundamental freedoms to the test of vaccination against Covid-19.

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