What exactly would Pfizer admit ?!

What exactly would Pfizer admit ?!

We are very sorry not to be happy as many in hearing the statements of Janine Small, Pfizer representative in the Special Commission on the COVID-19 pandemic at the European Parliament (10/10/2022), but today we cannot pretend that some truths are "momentous new admissions", not when it comes to facts known to decision makers and legislators from the start.

No Covid19 vaccine has ever been designed with the intent of stopping the virus and the Italian Parliament, through AIFA, knew this (as did the European bodies). That Pfizer did not prevent infections was well known from the data of the first clinical studies, was written in black and white by the documents for the request for approval to the regulatory bodies, first the FDA and then the EMA.

We, unfortunately, have looked at the whole commission very carefully and can summarize it as follows: Pfizer did not answer any questions. It does not declare the prices it considers confidential, it does not disclose the contracts, it does not care about health problems and it does not even answer questions relating to the start of the experiment, which took place 3 days after China had published the viral sequence of the Sars-CoV- 2, with timing that should be explained perhaps in front of some PM. The really serious side is that there are no consequences, nothing happens, not even stock market crashes.

We do not see what there is to celebrate and indeed, we ask ourselves about one thing: why let it come out today on all media? If they make us look one way, for good practice we try to look the other way, to understand what they are not showing us.


Let me be clear, it is not that we are opposed to anything but what was declared "officially", or better publicly, by the Pfizer representative, we want to repeat it, it was already known from December 2020. Then in the summer of 2021 it became clear that vaccinated people could catch and transmit the virus like unvaccinated people. So much so that even the narrative for the people had already changed in favor of an alleged benefit in terms of the severity of the symptoms, and not of the true prevention of contagion itself.

The political decision-makers and technicians of the Italian state knew everything perfectly and yet they imposed obligations and Green Passes and then kept them in force against the evidence. Yet the masses have approved and accepted such tools and today should we consider this same news a "turning point"?!?

PS: In the video you will see Miss Pfizer laughing over the fate of millions of people. You have the audacity to say that they had to move "with the speed of science" (a sentence so banal as to be meaningless) as if this were a justification for omissions and errors. Going fast to produce a dangerous concoction without adequate effectiveness and safety controls to sell it to the whole world under secret contracts is not "science", it is a crime against humanity.

Corvelva Staff


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