Corvelva 2021 Member Registration

Corvelva 2021 Member Registration

Hello everyone,

we would like to inform you that starting today, 2020st December 2021, it will be possible to join Corvelva for the year XNUMX.

2020 has led to an apparent reversal of reality, where freedoms have not only been frozen, but placed in jeopardy, kneeling before the "global health" project. Yes, for Health and Safety, anything can be waived, this is the basic idea, this is what they want to impose on us.

All this is nothing more than the implementation of projects that were already in the program, written in black and white years ago. Covid19 was simply the perfect pretext.

Today we hear talk with unprecedented vehemence about compulsory vaccination hypotheses, for an experimental vaccine, but also about the immunity passport presented as if it were the Italian genius of 2020.
The truth is that the Common Pass, or vaccination passport, or license if you prefer, has always been pushed by the World Economic Forum and is part of the Agenda2030 project, as well as ID2020. Around all this, we find acronyms known to us as GAVI Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft etc. All perfectly part of that macro project called Global Health Security Agenda born in 2014 and which, as a baptism, had the awarding of the leader's cross to Italy for world vaccination strategies, translated, to have the vaccination obligation applied by its watchdogs first to us Italians and then throughout Europe.

For the year 2021, one thing above all will have to be done: resilience!
We will use, with your support, all the national and international links that we have cultivated over time, in order to oppose this destruction of democracy; for us the only sensible project is to stop the rampant health dictatorship and we can do it only if we are not alone, only if there are many to say no!

If you want to support us, it is now possible by joining Corvelva!

PS We are a regional association, from Veneto, which has created a good fabric of both national and international relations, you can support us from any part of Italy and the world but our advice will always be to create a group around you at a territorial level . Support the closest local realities that are the first barrier to this madness that is about to overwhelm us.

Join now!


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