Freedom in danger or technological danger?

Freedom in danger or technological danger?

Many do not fully understand the genesis of the period we are experiencing, and attribute the bulk of the problems of mandatory vaccination and all forms of the Green Pass to the methodology and technology of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, or to the "experimental" nature of these. In our opinion, this idea assumes that if this vaccine had been another vaccine, a "normal" or "classic" vaccine, it would have been right and justifiable to rape the Italian Constitution by denying work to healthy citizens, or to harm their dignity through exclusion. social. This idea implies that if it had been an attenuated virus vaccine, for example, which many consider "classic", it would have been right to throw the kids out of the buses in the middle of nowhere or ban university classes or prevent the right to work. or not seeing their child born because they are unable to enter the hospital. If the problem is purely technological, then is mRNA the only problem? If the Valneva vaccine had arrived first, would it have been all right?

You see, making a distinction between "classic" and Covid-19 vaccines, when it comes to vaccination obligations, serves only one thing: to justify the fact that until yesterday the problem did not touch your back and therefore did not exist. .. but now you know, now you have experienced firsthand what it means to be thrown out of places of "sociality" (such as kindergartens and kindergartens?) or to be subjected to sanctions for not complying with an obligation that possibly harms your health or that of your children.

Now that everyone has lived through this period and touched the other side of the state, will anyone remember the millions of children and young people subject to mandatory 10 vaccinations and related calls? Now that you have breathed in this infamous climate, can you still pretend that it is not your direct problem?

We are born to defend the freedom of therapeutic and vaccination choice, against any form of obligation and we want to remind everyone that the vaccination obligation does not arise with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a pre-existing reality in Italy and since 2017 it has affected millions of families . Even today, children who do not comply with the 10 vaccinations of law 119/2017 are prevented from attending educational services for children: nursery schools and nursery schools.

It has already happened that a part of the population was discriminated against, ghettoized, pointed out as a public danger. And they were, and are, children !!!

If there is any lesson that we can draw from this historical period, it is not to look the other way, to remember that individual freedom is an inescapable right, that it is dangerous to think that as long as it does not concern us, a constitutional abuse is tolerable or in some justifiable way.

With this short paper we want to try to urge the many who have understood that something was wrong, not to stop only on the details, on the production method, on the technology or on the fact that these vaccines are or are not experimental, but to ask themselves if it is right. depriving a citizen of any constitutional right by virtue of any health treatment, whatever it may be. For us the answer is clearly no, total no and without any derogation and regardless of personal choices, in the health field, that everyone has made or will do in their own life.

Corvelva Staff

PS we have not deliberately touched on the topic of institutional information here, but it deserves a separate article because it played a fundamental role in what we experienced. Minister Lorenzin convinced Italians of the usefulness of social exclusion of healthy children, by virtue of 270 (sometimes 450) children who died of measles in London in 2016 (sometimes 2015) ... totally invented news and also for covid -19 made the worst things possible by shamelessly lying.


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