The Corvelva blog is born: "People's Blog"

Corvelva's blog is born: "People's Blog"

From today we have decided to make available a space in which to host the opinions and insights of different researchers, doctors, journalists or simple parents who are dedicated to the dissemination of content regarding health, vaccinations and freedom of therapeutic choice, in short everything that has to dealing with our usual focus: right to health, free circulation of information and news, which the mainstream media often prefer to obscure and which social networks have recently tended to censor.

Why? The idea was born from online censorship and the concept is simple: in the last year Corvelva has seen exponentially increase visits to the site and its channels, and this "showcase" is currently used only by us, but we can do more, and for this we will open this new section in the next few days, Corvelva People's Blog.

It will be a real Blog / Diary in which some people will have their own space, autonomous and independent, without a direct control of the contents on our part, capable of offering freedom to those who demonstrate dedication to disclosure as an end in itself , in the interest of civil society.

This section will also contain the stories of parents or professionals who tell their experiences and their points of view, also taken from other blogs or social networks.
It will also be distinguished visually and, to increase interaction with users, we will give the opportunity to comment on the articles.
There is also the possibility for less exposed doctors on the subject to publish content using pseudonyms, thus protecting themselves from public attacks.
The intent is not, in fact, a scientific recognition but, we repeat, the disclosure to the public and the circulation of free thought.

Corvelva attempts to respond to censorship, both soft and draconian, with freedom.



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