Free swabs to dockers: the proposal that confirms how much we can count

Free swabs to dockers: the proposal that confirms how much we can count

Following the Legislative Decree 139 - the one that introduces the 9octies, that is, it gives companies the opportunity to check in time if workers can be without Greenpass for unspecified organizational needs - here comes a circular from the Ministry of the Interior.

The Ministry, seeing the dockers in protest, has evidently sensed problems on the horizon and has clearly thought of proposing a measure that is evidently, in their opinion, "conciliatory": companies should bear the cost of tampons, to avoid absences in strategic sectors. They recommend soliciting companies "to consider making free tampons available" for those employees who, following the above-mentioned early investigation, are found to have no green certification.

Well, there are some important considerations for us:

  1. this measure cannot solve anything, since it is certainly not the cost of the tampons alone that is the problem, but the liberticide measures proposed (and in any case the tampon system is destined to implode from Friday, since it cannot withstand the real numbers), but it demonstrates a great concern;
  2. we can be a thorn in our side if only we realize it, and it starts to become evident to the system;
  3. they are trying every card before reaching the withdrawal of this criminal measure: it is up to us to hold on until the end!

Abstention from work but also from purchases

In addition to hoping that everyone will continue to keep the point (reminding you that neither dismissal nor any type of disciplinary sanction is allowed for those who are absent from work for lack of Green Pass), we would also like to suggest another joint action, of protest: refraining from any type of purchase - be it food, gasoline, bars or other. Not because this will magically solve everything, but it is time to continue to persevere in the perspective of peaceful and civil protest.

Not only that, those who can and believe that their absence can be a discomfort, can prove it by staying at home.

Remember: what you hear on TV is one thing, reality is almost always very different. Anyone who wants to pretend that "everything will be fine" will soon have to go back on words: we have the numbers and the possibility, by law, to demonstrate not only in the squares but also and above all with the concrete actions that we decide to carry out on a daily basis. Each one as he can, each with his means, it is not necessary to become heroes, just remember not to be servants.

Strength and courage, it's our time!

Corvelva staff

circular of 11 October 2021 1

circular of 11 October 2021 1


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