Vaccinegate never stopped!

Vaccinegate never stopped!

On Wednesday 25 January we will meet again at the Criminal Court of Rome to continue the battle on the safety (and efficacy) of vaccines for pediatric use. Since 2018, every Italian and European institution has been made aware of the results of the analyzes we commissioned and years later still no response other than a succession of blame games aimed at not managing the problem.

Our questions remain unanswered:

  • Are vaccines on the market safe?
  • Are commercially available vaccines effective?
  • Do the vaccines on the market comply with the technical data sheets and / or regulations in force?

According to what we reported, the answer to all three questions is NO, but not only. The amount of data presented by us opens up a new and more worrying question: do the institutions work to protect us citizens, or other subjects?

We remind everyone, especially the supporters of the parliamentary commissions of inquiry, that the idea of ​​analyzing vaccines did not arise by chance, but was one of the founding principles with which they established the so-called Depleted Uranium Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (Resolution of 30 June 2015 ). This commission was also supposed to independently verify the composition of the vaccines, to verify correspondence with the technical data sheets, but it did not and we continued with those same insights that the State decided not to finance.

We have no idea what to expect on January 25th, we can only guarantee you that we will not give up and are determined as if it were the first day of the fight!

Corvelva Staff

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