This project sees the light in December 2019 in conjunction with the increase in the "soft censorship" applied by the various social and search engines. The problem that arose has found a fairly simple solution.

Corvelva was born in 1993 when there was no internet and in our region we have informed several hundred thousand people and in 2019 do you think we are beaten by technology? Absolutely not, on the contrary, we use their censorship as our strength and go back to the origins. These editorials will be monthly and may be included in magazines, with which we have already started a dialogue; printed as flyers and distributed by ordinary people like good old word of mouth; printed us at negligible costs and sent on paper to politicians and doctors; in short, every time we feel a slight smell of censorship on a specific theme, it will be the theme we will most launch.

In each editorial you will find, in addition to the high resolution PDF to print it independently, also the complete article with each bibliographic reference and any translations that we will do over time. Everything we produce is at your disposal, if you want to emulate, copy and repeat the action in your territory with your logo, we will give you everything. What Corvelva produces is available to everyone!


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