Here we go again!!!

Here we go again!!!

On 25 January 2023, the hearing was held in Rome on the second opposition to the request to dismiss our criminal complaint, presented with the results of the Vaccinegate project: analyzes commissioned by our Association from laboratories independent of pharmaceuticals, of various batches of vaccines pediatric. 

The Judge for Preliminary Investigations, having analyzed the documents, recorded our opposition with the request for the creation of a joint group, Nuclei Antisophisticazione e Sanità (NAS) and/or Scientific Investigations Department (RIS), which examines the results we have presented since July 2018 from a scientific and instrumental point of view!
The request takes into account the fact that the scientific evaluation had already been amply documented by us since the first complaint and, above all, the hypothetical crimes reported by us - ranging from a culpable epidemic, adulteration or counterfeiting of medicinal substances and the trade or administration of defective medicines and fraud on the market.

As you may know, in addition to having always updated the investigative bodies by filing complaints and having always kept each national and supranational institution informed of the continuation of our analyses, we have also published the method of metagenomic analysis in a scientific journal, thus showing maximum transparency and methodological rigour, clamoring for everyone, not to trust us, but to proceed with the replication of the same analyzes certain that the results we have obtained are right there, within the reach of anyone who wants to investigate rather than making mere leaps of faith.

In a world that functioned properly, in the face of such and so many complaints made, accompanied by hundreds of pages of instrumental analyzes also commissioned from the laboratories of prestigious foreign universities, in a State worthy of being called such, the institutions in charge should have set up a quick verification. We are not only talking about ethics and deontology, but precisely about non-compliance with laws which should have activated a rapid alert and consequent intervention within 2018 hours as early as that July 24, also and above all according to the precautionary principle, but to date nothing it was done if not to continue with nefarious vaccination obligations, to deny adverse reactions, under the motto of "I trust science". No, we don't trust anyone and we expect the State to work for the protection of its citizens and not instead act as the pharmaceutical promoter of the multinational on duty, as has perhaps been the case since before De Lorenzo.

In this press release we do not want to repeat in detail the many agonizing criticalities we have encountered - contaminating and mutated DNA, unwanted viruses, missing antigens, etc. etc., there have been too many written pages, wasted newspaper articles attacking us and explanation videos; today we only want to talk about a victory, yet another step forward to shed light on something that has remained in total darkness for too long.

You will excuse us if we are repetitive on this point, but the idea of ​​analyzing vaccines did not arise by chance, it was among the founding principles with which they established the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry called Depleted Uranium (Resolution of 30 June 2015). This commission was also supposed to independently verify the composition of the vaccines, to verify correspondence with the technical data sheets, but it did not and we continued with those same insights that the State decided not to finance. We did it!

Today we can say that we are still on the pitch, capable and determined to play this battle, aware that we are up against an entire system but confident that we have a tough head and we won't give up!

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