Corvelva Meet

Corvelva Meet - Around the world in the time of Covid-19 (84) - Episode # 1

Corvelva Meet - Around the world in the time of Covid-19 (84) - Episode # 1

Sunday 21 November 2021, at 21.00

(Live video on our Facebook groups and website)

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Often the news that reaches us from the rest of the world is chaotic and biased and it is always difficult to understand the international situation. We often find ourselves not having precise answers in front of a video of a protest or of the numbers given by the local media and for this reason we have decided to organize a fixed appointment, on Sunday evening, where we will go to have a chat with people who reside in various nations of the world. The focus will be on the situation with respect to Covid-19, both how the media deal with it and have faced it and the possible restrictions on citizens imposed by politics, with an important look at personal experience, a matter that interests us most of all because it does not there will be no numbers or statistics that can ever hide direct experiences.

The first guests will tell us about the situation in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Austria and the UK (the lineup may vary).

We remind everyone that we are an Association for the freedom of choice in the therapeutic field, it is not in our hearts to appear on video and there are infinite information channels that are better and better prepared than us. Our will is to fill a void that we believe exists in the so-called alternative media, that is to hear ordinary people, people like us, and have a simple chat about the current situation.

NB The timetable and the schedule may vary on the following Sundays according to the time zones but it will always be our pleasure to notify you in advance. The videos will remain available on our website.


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