Letter to the Minister of Health Giulia Grillo

Letter to the Minister of Health Giulia Grillo

Dear Minister Giulia Grillo

From August 2018 our association began to publish the results of various analyzes commissioned to independent and accredited laboratories on some batches of vaccine. These same results have always been forwarded also to your Ministry, as well as to the ISS, AIFA, Ema and the manufacturers.

It is painful to note that, although the results contain worrying data and identify different risk profiles, no response has come from you or any ministry official you chaired.

And yet, it was you, as a member of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "Depleted Uranium", who signed the following considerations together with the other members:

"The completion of the documentary analysis on the registration dossiers carried out so far requires the experimental verification of vaccines to be sampled, as part of an inspection activity to be carried out in the offices where vaccinations are carried out for the military. Only in this way is it It is possible to check compliance with the technical data sheet as well as the presence of non-dosed components, which have not been taken into account. This objective, already set by the law establishing the Commission, has not been implemented due to the limited economic resources available to the Commission "

Well, our association is made up of parents, and we are carrying out, with humility but tenaciously, those goals you set. We are paying out of our own pocket for what politics has not financed. We are fulfilling one of the aims that the Commission itself had set itself.

In the face of this, the silence of the institutions, all of them, but in particular of the ministry you preside over, is deafening.

We ask you to pay attention to these results, we ask you to give your interpretation to them, being you also a doctor and having been a member of the aforementioned Commission.

Are you therefore aware that some components of the vaccines can and must be verified?
Are you aware that the conformity of these products should be checked and apparently nobody is doing it?
Are you aware that risks still arise from the law still in force that establishes the obligatory nature of 10 vaccines?

We parents feel strongly the duty to try to clarify, because we have been forced to defend ourselves from too many attacks for two years now; we parents are concerned that there are underestimated risks and we are concerned with the drift that the discussion on mandatory vaccinations has sparked. Parents who fight for freedom of choice have been under attack (media and legislative) for too long and the more this persecutory climate will increase against those who raise legitimate doubts and ask to implement the precautionary principle, the more we will feel compelled to defend ourselves , on a daily basis, to protect our right to health and to the free democratic choice to undergo or not to undergo a health treatment that - you have witnessed it - is not without risks and needs insights that nobody, at the institutional level, has undertaken.

We are therefore asking you to want to deepen what we have published, they are not conclusive analyzes, they are the beginning of a verification activity on the content of vaccines in use in the Italian territory and beyond. Soon there will be new insights and we are working hard to produce other data that testify - among other things - the reliability of what has been reported so far.

Our goal was to bring data that could trigger a healthy debate on the safety of these products and that would bring dialogue and the possibility of confrontation back to the center of attention, at a scientific and institutional level. We have been faced with a reality far worse than the one assumed, and it is not possible for us to pass it in silence. It will not be enough to dismiss the issue with a simple (how absurd) "they have the wrong method" or by labeling us as "NoVax": what we have ascertained presents serious problems and doubts about the compliance of some pharmaceutical products, vaccines, making it impossible to guarantee safety and efficacy. The data published on our site, in any case, are going around the world, in the total disinterest of our institutions and supervisory bodies; civil society deserves answers and ignoring us will not solve the problem.

Thanking you in advance for your kind attention, we would like to end this with one question:

What if the data is correct?

Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza) January 6, 2019


Download: CORVELVA-Letter-Minister-Cricket-6gen2018.pdf


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