Open letter to the Italian parliamentarians

Open letter to the Italian parliamentarians

With this open letter, we address today to all Italian parliamentarians who have an interest in listening to citizens.

The meaning of these words is shared by many associations and committees throughout the Italian territory, representing hundreds of thousands of citizens, who are tired of being unheard and of seeing politics advance blind and deaf to any request coming from below, from that electorate representing which you have been voted.

We are here waiting for a sign of democracy on your part, of consistency towards the promises made during the election campaign, of respect for the citizens who have placed their hopes in you "for change".

We are all parents, involved in a thorny and controversial topic, and we expect listening and answers.

In case it might have escaped you, a battle is being fought out of here that has an improbable content and tone: to defend the most obvious and fundamental right, that of self-determination and inviolability of the body, that of protection of the article 32 of the Italian Constitution; it is now becoming (even more serious) a question of having to defend even the right to freedom of thought and opinion.

The clash between two skilfully created ad hoc factions (pro-vax / no-vax) was fomented primarily by politics, then by the media, then by a certain part - well defined and educated - of the "scientific community", until to obtain that climate preparatory to taxation and coercivity, which allowed the "Lorenzin decree" to see the light.

Our country experiences far too many health emergencies, but none of these seem to have anything to do with mandatory vaccinations: exponential increase in pediatric cancers, pollution of all kinds, antibiotic resistance, medical malpractice and corruption scandals; we have 7.000 deaths / year from hospital infections, and you allow us to continue using measles as a source of fear due to dangerous, non-existent, epidemics; we live in one of the most polluted territories in the world, and allow us to speak of vaccinations as the only primary prevention, without concentrating on the possible ways that can stop that daily massacre THAT IN THE GUILTY SILENCE continues undisturbed, among leukemias and lymphomas, in the Italian pediatric population.

Regardless of this, continue to allow thousands of HEALTHY children to be limited in their rights to inclusion and socializing; and you are preparing to discuss a new bill, the 770, which would also like to deprive them of the right to school and therefore to free education until adulthood.

We find all this simply shameful.
While this is happening, even at your hands, you have a part of civil society that is trying all the democratically accepted ways to ask for listening and to have a say in decisions that will have direct consequences in the lives of present and future citizens. This part of civil society has been waiting for months to be audited in the 12th Senate Hygiene and Health Commission, precisely in relation to the same bill that is being discussed there. It is composed of the same citizenship that has already given life to another text, the Popular Initiative Law Proposal "Suspension of the vaccination obligation for children of developmental age", filed with 75.000 signatures and completely ignored; it is composed of those same parents and citizens who have expressed their dissent from the Lorenzin law in all the squares of Italy, in the most total media censorship; it is composed of a part of the population that does not resign itself and that demands listening and answers!

The preliminary results of the vaccine analyzes commissioned by one of these associations were delivered to you, which were expected to be evaluated by some independent and competent body, but nobody is taking the burden of doing it: there would only be a demand clarity by asking what should be available to all of you, since you have the fate of the country in hand: the control analyzes of the vaccines authorized and in use in Italy. But nothing, you are ignoring this too.

You have evidence, such as those that emerged recently, which indicate how, thanks to the subsequent law 119/2017, it was impossible to go to negotiate the price of these drugs despite the increase in spending was widely foreseeable: as a result we pay 60% more , about, the same vaccines that were in use already before 2017. The paradox is evident, as is the private interest of private companies, at public expense. And on your part, not even a statement about it.

You have created a social climate that has become unsustainable, between senseless phobias and mad persecutions, children driven out as greasers and doctors punished for their opinions, people held up as "public dangers" on illogical and scientifically unfounded grounds (in spite of inclusion and fight against discrimination!). And you're not doing anything!

What were you referring to when you talked about change? What is the task of politics? What and who do you represent if not the citizens themselves? How do you plan to accomplish your tasks, if not by listening and guaranteeing dialogue and transparency?
The theme of health, and consequently of marginalization, exclusion and deprivation of rights, cannot be passed on quietly; arrogandovi the right to make a deaf ear to the thousands of requests for attention, proceeding without any debate, and without any assumption of responsibility in keeping the promises made to earn votes.

There are the children in the middle, the adults who will take our (and yours!) Seats tomorrow.
We are no longer willing to wait; our (and yours!) children await answers, on why to be excluded from kindergarten, on why to be held up as different, greasers, on why to be obliged to a sanitary treatment on which inconsistencies, doubts and silence lie.

We hope these words can make you think,
and we expect our legitimate requests from parents and citizens to be accepted and met.

Our commitment is this and much more.

Thank you, as representatives

(in alphabetical order)

  • ADER Salute e Libertà - Association of Emilia Romagna Rights
  • Article 32 Freedom and health Faenza
  • Free and Conscious Citizens Puglia
  • CLi.Va Toscana Committee for the freedom of vaccination choice Tuscany
  • CLiSVaP Committee for the Freedom of Choice Vaccinal Piedmont
  • Freedom Brianza
  • Vicentino coordination
  • Hummingbird Puglia
  • FILINS - Italian Federation of Linguistic High Schools and Non-State Educational Institutes
  • Parents of the No Obligation Piedmont
  • Parents of No Emilia Romagna
  • Parents of the Lazio No Obligation
  • Parents of the Lombardy No Obligation - Brescia section
  • Parents of the Lombardia no obligation
  • United groups. it
  • Free Choice Alessandria
  • Free for all - Forlì
  • Modilis Sardinia
  • Vaccinate Informati - Trentino

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