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Initial results on Priorix Tetra chemical composition

Initial results on Priorix Tetra chemical composition

When we started these analysis, from the metagenomics to the chemicals, we had a lot of questions and we were looking for answers…. After the first results, we have more and more questions and, most of all, we are more worried! Below you will find some points that trouble us.

The qualitative and quantitative survey about organic compounds is very important in the pharmacological sector. Some potential safety problems derive from the new production processes and from the complex structural and biological features of products.

  1. Batch #1 and Batch #2 present different aspects, 115 signals vs 173 identified.
    A quantity of signals (compounds) very different from each other. With “signal” we mean an identified “trace”. With “known” we mean that that trace, defined by a compound with a specific molecular weight, entered in the database, produces one or more associations.
    We must be worried for what we discovered (known signals) but also, and most of all, for what we couldn’t identify because, and we are at hypothetical level, there could be everything.
  2. Both Batches contain traces ranging between nanonagrams and micrograms. That is of particular importance because some compounds are very toxic, others are known allergens and some others are probably pharmaceutical molecules like Sildenafil (Viagra), or Gabapentin (anti-epileptic), or Atovaguone (organic compound for the production of an anti-malaria medicine).
  3. Both Batches contain traces that can be associated with several antibiotics, herbicides, acaricides and morphine metabolites.
  4. Batch #2 contains traces that could be associated with AMD-070, an anti-HIV drug.
  5. Batch #2 contains traces that could be related to Fluchloralin, a fluorinated herbicide, considered already toxic in very small quantities.
  6. Batch #2 contains traces that could be associated with Vigabatrin, an anti-epileptic.

The final tables, with a simple explanation about the way to read them, contain all the identified compounds.

We have the intention to carry on, in a few days we’ll have chemical analysis results for the hexavalents Hexyon and Infrarix Hexa but we are also proceeding with Gardasil and many others. We won’t stop.

Download: CORVELVA-Study-on-the-chemical-composition-profile-of-Priorix-Tetra.pdf

Translated by team CLiVa -

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